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2. Nominee Directors

Who are able to become a nominee manager?
What powers does he have in line with the legislation?
Can he damage my passions? How to limit their powers?
How do I just take over his powers?

A Cyprus company can have as much directors it requires. The minimum is certainly one director.There is an response to your questions. Let’s simply take them one by one. Any male or person that is female of mind and of age, that has perhaps not declared bankruptcy, could be appointed to do something as being a nominee of any company in Cyprus. A company manager is the most essential person in the company framework, particularly he is the only director, since lately with an amendment of the legislation a company can have only one director and one shareholder if he is the sole director, i.e.
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4. The Secretary

A Secretary is appointed as needed by the ongoing company Law. A company might have several secretaries. Here once more, the exact same concerns can be expected for the nominee secretary, are you aware that other nominees. Again for privacy reasons a nominee secretary is appointed. A nominee secretary won't have many. A nominee secretary`s participation into the everyday while the severe running associated with business is minimal and peripheral. His powers are formal. They've been limited to the signing of mostly bank papers whenever starting an securing or account loans, whenever filing the income tax accounts, he keeps the register of users, the register of directors, he delivers out the notices for the meetings associated with the board and so on. Needless to say it's understandable we utilize as secretaries persons who are able to absolutely be trusted. A secretary however is important by the legislation. One secretary is enough. There can be several if required. Their duties and abilities might be reduced or increased by the directors. Our firm provides very affordable charges for several appropriate and business services.